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Tony's other novels and collections

These are more of Tony's works. Short stories, fables, and more. Be sure to check his Amazon Author Page or Lulu Spotlight Page.




The world has died.

But the dead are awakening, hungry and ruthless, and some of them are regaining their ability to reason — if not their compassion.

33 Days


​Tony's son is lead vocalist and lyricist for The Offer, whose debut album, “33 Days,” was released on October 23, 2012. Inspired by their words and melodies, Tony began to make stories. Not really about their songs, not retelling their tunes in prose, but rather taking inspiration from a mood or an image or a line of lyrics transformed into a piece of dialogue and going where his imagination might take it, stumbling headlong into something new. Tales of ghostly mutiny, of mad artists, of Zen in the face of death. Tales of revenge, confession, forgiveness. Explorations of future legends and the loneliness of former time travelers. Ten stories, one for each song on the album. Written in 33 days. That was his challenge. This is his offer.​


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The Book of Gabriel:

An Endtimes Fable


A man named Gabriel sits on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, waiting to die. The most beautiful woman he's ever seen rises up out of the sea and drafts him into a mission that will pit him against angels and demons alike in a desperate attempt to reunite the shattered aspects of God and stop the coming apocalypse. Meanwhile, Satan has his own plan to subvert the power of Shekinah, the female aspect of God — and Gabriel is key to his success. It's a dangerous road trip through parallel realities, dream worlds, time/space paradoxes, myth and legend, chapters from 'The Book of Cain,' the meaning of forgiveness, and the power of Joy.​



The Best of Days:

Short Stories and Miscellany


An eclectic collection of stories, poems, flash fictions, character studies, experiments — and stranger things — resulting from the author's personal challenge to write every day for a year, a challenge born of the pain of loss, a struggle to drag himself out of the darkness after the deaths of loved ones. Here are ghost stories; the tales of weird items found in the Museum of Alternate Histories; "what if?" stories and "why not?" stories; gothic poetry and humorous haiku. Here walk aliens, devils, bank robbers, widows, dreamers, vampires, and Beat-generation zombie fighters. Here are ruminations upon the human spirit and extrapolations of where technology may propel human desires.

Welcome to the Dawning

of a New Century


​At the dawn of the 21st century, the residents of Century, Florida, prepare for their centennial celebration. There's a parade to plan, a murder to plot, a marriage to save and one to let go. Here, universes revolve around a smalltown Lolita, a high school teacher sees possible futures, a Piggly Wiggly meat cutter tries to please his Vegan wife, and a longtime mayor feels his life spinning out of control. Secrets will out, and nothing will be the same.​


Dragon Rising
Book One of the Shadow War


When the rim world Elysia is invaded by a merciless army bearing the insignia of a Dragon, young farmboy Kit Tanner is thrust into a desperate rescue mission, piloting the antique Corsair fighter Persephone into space to find help from the legendary Shadow Warriors. Crash-landing on the unexplored world of Lyrehs-2, Kit discovers a secret civilization with ancient ties to the Dragon army, and begins to uncover the buried history of his grandfather, who stayed behind on Elysia so Kit could escape.


With time running out and the Dragon forces threatening to advance into Federal space, Kit and his new allies must overcome the entrenched traditions of a forgotten race of clones, convince the authorities to ready for war, and protect a planet that can't protect itself.






Check out essays examining aspects of popular TV series and characters in these collections featuring literally hundreds of writers, including Tony's unique take on specific episodes or elements of the shows.

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