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'Outside In' Trusts No One

I've had the opportunity to write for three volumes of the ongoing "Outside In" series from ATB Publishing in recent years. I had an essay in "Outside In Takes a Stab," the edition that examined Buffy: The Vampire Slayer in 2018, and last year wrote for this new release, which was delayed.

"Outside In Trusts No One" examines the first six seasons of "The X-Files" as well as the complete Kolchak — both TV movies, the original series and the 2005 reboot. My essay is about an episode of the reboot.

I also wrote about a later episode of The X-Files, and that essay will be in the second volume of "Trusts No One," due out in 2021.

This series is unique among "episode guide" books, in that no episode is actually described or reviewed, as such. Rather each entry is written by a different person, taking a unique approach. One may be a screenplay, or a speech, or a recipe, or a color-by-numbers drawing. The essays are often hilarious, sometimes extremely personal and moving.

I made no money for my work, and make nothing off sales of this book; all writers and editors waived their fees, allowing for donation to a U.K.-based AIDS charity called "Avert," and 5% of all sales will go to Avert, with the rest going to the publisher to pay for their costs.

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