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Sound and Vision

Videos and Book Trailers

'Adventures in the Arcane' Vol. 2            — A Book Trailer
'And the Moon Made Blood'
Book Two of The Caliban Cycle
— A Book Trailer
'Stringing a Yarn'
— A Short Film by Tony Simmons and Lou Columbus

A tribute to the struggle of writers and the seriousness of their art ... such as it is.

'Capt. Gideon Argo and The Flying Zombies vs. The Lost Lemurians' — A Book Trailer
'This Mortal Flesh'
— A Book Trailer
by Lou Columbus
'Adventures in the Arcane'
— A Book Trailer
'Tales of the Awakening Dead'
— A Book Trailer

Writers' Chat:

'The Book of Gabriel'
— A Book Trailer
by Lou Columbus

Tony and fellow author Michael Lister discuss the creative process, inspirations, and the writing life during a book event at the Bay County Public Library on April 7, 2013. Tony reads a segment from his work-in-progress, "Giants in the Earth," and talks about the origins of the story. Michael also reads from his latest novel, "The Big Beyond."

Video by Lou Columbus

'Our Dead'
— Short film
by Tony Simmons

Just for fun, here's Tony's final project in TV Production 2 class at Pensacola Junior College in 1984:  A simple little zombie film shot on location in St. Michael's Cemetery downtown and at a classmate's apartment, and edited at WSRE-TV 23's studio. This is a new edit with beginning and end titles added.

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