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In the years following the Great War and leading into the Second World War, the world teetered on the edge of extinction. Dark forces, both terrestrial and otherwise, threatened to end the age of Humankind. Between this darkness and mass of innocence and ignorance stood one man — and the team of specialists he enlisted in his struggle.

Adventures in the Arcane

Captain Gideon Argo and The Flying Zombies' first appearance beyond the metatextual came in this anthology from The Syndicate. Featuring Chapters 12 and 13 of the "continuing" pulp magazine adventure "The Lost Lemurians," with an introductory page to get readers up to speed in case they missed the earlier issues!

The Lost Lemurians

Rushing to supply humanitarian aid in the wake of a deadly tsunami, Capt. Argo and the Zombies discover lizard-like creatures preying upon the survivors. Joined by adventuress Lady Dominique Menou, the team journeys to the shores of Lost R'lyeh, home of a sunken civilization that predates humanity that has just been raised from the bottom of the ocean.


Can the team drive back the armies of lizard-men and save the surface world from drowning under a planetary tidal wave — or is there something even more monstrous awaiting them behind the veil of darkness, deep inside the volcanic tunnels of timelost Lemuria?

Adventures in the Arcane - Vol. 2

Revealed at last: the first meeting between Captain Gideon Argo and Lady Dominique Menou, as told by Capt. Bullshark Dempsey, as they seek to disrupt "The Slave Bazaar of Zanzibar." This tale is joined by seven other paranormal pulp and urban fantasy tales by a seven other writers.

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Adventures in the Arcane - Vol. 3

They walked the earth in times forgotten—Elder Gods and cosmic horrors from beyond the heavens. Ancient, malevolent creatures, their names still echo through the ages in tales by the great pulp authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and August Derleth. Now new writers take up the arcane narrative, as the battle against the Outer Darkness rages anew. Explore seven original tales inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, including the return of beloved characters Capt. Gideon Argo and The Flying Zombies in a novella-length struggle against “The Blood Beast from Beyond” (set in 1931). 

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Shadows of Shambhala

Tibet, 1932: Capt. Gideon Argo and his crew, The Flying Zombies, brave the early winter snows of Mount Meru in the Tibetan Himalayas in search of the fabled City of Light. Their mission: Find a missing WWI pilot and head off a strike team from England's secret Black 23 agency. But a darkness has taken root in the Valley of the Eternal Sun, where Shadows grow strong and the sacred river of Vril is dying. (This 14,599-word novella chronicles the first mission of Doc Riley as a member of the team.)


In 2019, the story can at last be revealed how Gideon Argo became a World War I flying ace, met and teamed with the men and women that would be the original Flying Zombies. It's an adventure involving Grigori Rasputin, Princess Anastasia Romanov, and Mata Hari. It hinges on a mission briefing from a mysterious British intelligence officer who is also an agent for Black 23. 

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