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Return to the past

As I prepare to write the next Gideon Argo novel, set in 1935 and focusing on his all-out war with Black 23, I took a step back to tell the untold story of Argo's first meeting with Lady Dominique Menou (as referenced in the 'Lost Lemurians' novel.).

To do so, I borrowed a character from my friend and fellow Syndicate member Mark Boss — his Capt. Bullshark Dempsey. Using Dempsey as my point of view character allowed me to examine Argo from a less favorable perspective, which makes him ever more interesting to me as a writer.

I'm also at work upon a story set in 1932, Doc Riley's first mission with the Zombies, which takes them into the hollow earth to investigate a missing adventurer named Allan Kenston. It's called "Shadows Over Shambhala," and will be available in volume 3 of "Adventures in the Arcane" in 2018.

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