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Third time's the magic charm!

​The third volume of "Adventures in the Arcane" is now available. A special "Cthulhu Edition," it features many new voices and artists, and a novella-length adventure of our stalwart team.

They walked the earth in times forgotten—Elder Gods and cosmic horrors from beyond the heavens. Ancient, malevolent creatures, their names still echo through the ages in tales by the great pulp authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and August Derleth.

Now new writers take up the arcane narrative, as the battle against the Outer Darkness rages anew. Explore seven original tales inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, including the return of beloved characters like Jester, the Wolf of the Southern Woods, and Captain Gideon Argo in a struggle against “The Blood Beast from Beyond.”

Featuring the work of writers Tony Simmons, S. Brady Calhoun, Ainslee Meadows, Tim C. Taylor, Anthony S. Buoni, F.P. Calabretta, Nathan Simmons and Mark Boss; and artists Jayson Kretzer, Jason Godwin, j(ay), Herb Kalenberg, Jason Miracle, and Andrew Pate.

Read more about the anthology in this article by the Panama City News Herald!<<

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