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I need your help

Please tell your friends and social media contacts about "Adventures in the Arcane" volume II. A post on your Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter feed means more than another one on mine. If you've read it, please tell them. If you had a favorite story, please say so.

If you'd like to share a link to the Amazon page, where the ebook sells for only 99 cents (or free to Prime members), you can use this one:

And if nothing else, please go to that link and click on a number of stars. You don't have to write a review (although that would be awesome).

I feel embarrassed to be asking, but your shares and reviews are the No. 1 way to boost awareness of the book. More reviews mean the book is higher in Amazon ranking, which translates as the Amazon algorithm offering it up to more viewers more often. Which, of course, means more opportunities to gain a new reader.

It also means that I and my fellow writers get some feedback. No more howling blindly into the abyss. We find out what readers enjoyed (or didn't), and can try to be better next time.

And I know you want us to get better.

Thanks for being a reader and for following my blog. I hope to continue writing stories for you for many years to come, if you'll let me.


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