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Capt. Gideon Argo and the Flying Zombies will return in two adventures this year, starting with the upcoming release of "The Shadows of Shambhala" in ebook and print in February. This is the story of Doc Riley's first mission with the crew, fighting a oppressive regime in the Valley of the Eternal Sun, led by a man with the power to cloud men's minds.

Then, a new novella will be included in Volume 3 of ADVENTURES IN THE ARCANE: CTHULHU EDITION. Fighting a creature out of the cosmic horrors imagined by H.P. Lovecraft by way of Robert E. Howard, "The Blood Beast from Beyond" will detail the final mission of Doc Riley's brother, the original "Wings" for the Flying Zombies.

Be on the lookout for these stories — and be aware that many more tales are brewing, from Weird War One to Weird War Two and beyond!

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